Dawn Morgan

Dawn came to Vermont from Seattle in 2006 and loves living in the Green Mountain State. After working in the accounting field for 15 years, she decided it was time for a change of pace and attended the Wellness Massage Center & Institute in St. Albans.

Dawn was certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) in 2012, and continues to augment her knowledge through additional coursework, research and skill enhancement workshops. She works closely with each client to develop a specialized treatment plan that is appropriate and effective for each individual.

Dawn's work is heavily influenced by myofascial and soft tissue melting techniques which allow tight muscles to relax at a slower, more natural pace. This means that deeper muscles are more easily accessible without the pain that many veteran receivers of massage have been taught to expect. Many clients have found relief through these techniques and have come to appreciate the slower, more specific and targeted pace of the treatment. Dawn will talk with you about your goals before each session to make sure you are receiving the treatment most appropriate for you.

Molly Head Shot.png

Molly K. Morgan

Molly joined the Vitality as the Practice Manager in 2015. She has over two years of experience in playfulness, joy and cuteness and is famous for celebrating her birthday with special pricing on packages every July.

Molly completed her degree in Good Puppy Behavior in July 2017 and clients are often impressed with her innate sense of stillness and calm. When Molly isn't working she serves as a constant reminder to Dawn of the important things in life: fresh air, endless games of tug and of course - cookies!

A purebred Keeshond (pronounced kayz-hawnd), Molly does not shed very much which makes her ideal for the studio setting where some people may have pet allergies. Please let Dawn know if you have allergies or an aversion to canines and Molly will be happy to schedule an out-of-office meeting during your session.

She's even made a "reality video" of her first two years of life, just so people could see some of her favorite activities when not at the studio!