New Client Information

Dawn Morgan CMT, BCTMB

Dawn Morgan CMT, BCTMB

Welcome to Vitality Therapeutic Massage, specializing in targeted Medical Massage treatment for chronic conditions such as neck, shoulder, back and hip pain. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please read the information below about Medical Massage and what to expect during your first session.

There is over a 12 month wait time for both new and existing client appointments. Please contact Dawn directly if you would like to be added to the waiting list.


About Medical Massage

Medical Massage is an umbrella term that seeks to cover the broad scope of skills the practitioner brings to the treatment table. It follows the classic clinical model and combines physical assessment tests with the application of a variety of hands-on techniques. The client is often taught remedial exercises to perform at home, which can play a critical role in rehabilitation.

As a Medical Massage Therapist, it is beyond my scope of practice to diagnose specific conditions. However, I am skilled in a variety of modalities to treat many different muscular injuries and conditions as well as to recognize relevant contraindications to treatment. I often work in conjunction with Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Medical Doctors to provide manual therapy treatments for chronic pain issues in the neck, shoulder, back and hips.

Your Initial Session

New Client sessions are 60 minutes in length, and include a detailed review of your health history along with a discussion about your injury or condition. 

General assessments and testing are often performed, which helps to note specific areas of the body to address and identify if there are any contraindications to treatment.

How Many Sessions?

Many clients experience a significant reduction in symptoms after just one session. For others it may take significantly longer, and for some their pain symptoms may never be fully resolved through massage alone. 

We will assess your progress after three sessions to determine if a referral back to your physician or another massage therapist is appropriate.

What to Wear

Medical Massage sessions often require movement and participation from the client.

To allow for this movement, clients are fully clothed in a T-Shirt and sweat pants or yoga pants. Gym shorts are acceptable provided they are not too loose or the client is wearing a longer layer underneath (such as boxer briefs). Please, no denim or heavy canvas material.

In some cases, the best treatment is performed with the affected area exposed. In these instances, you will be provided with a private area to disrobe and position yourself on the table, fully covered under blankets and sheets (similar to a Wellness Massage).

In all cases, every effort is made to ensure that your privacy and modesty are fully respected.


After the initial treatment phase, some clients opt to continue with regular Medical Massage "maintenance" sessions as a part of their pain management regime. 

For certain conditions, Wellness sessions or 90-minute sessions may be appropriate and can be discussed as an option if there is availability.

However, due to the high demand for Medical Massage, I am not accepting new clients for Wellness/Relaxation sessions or for sessions longer than 60 minutes at this time.

Please email me directly if you would like a referral list of trusted therapists in the area who excel at providing Wellness, Relaxation and Spa Massage.